Cara Setting GPS Tracker Coban TK303 ID303

gps tracker mobil motor truk bis alat berat
gps tracker mobil motor truk bis alat berat

Setelah Casing menggunakan Obeng + kecil lalu pasang simcard, hidupkan GPS Tracker dengan menggeser tombol switch ON/OFF. Pastikan indikasi GSM LED hijau menyala terus (sudah masuk ke jaringan GSM).
Gunakan ponsel anda untuk mengirim sms perintah setting dan dikirim ke nomer GSM yang telah dipasang kedalam GPS Tracker. Lakukan urutan perintah berikut ini, tunggu sampai sms terkirim dan ada balasan kemudian baru lanjutkan ke perintah selanjutnya:

Setting :

1. begin+password
Resets your device to factory settings (except password!). The standard password of the device is 123456.

2. admin+password+space+cell phone
Set the administrative cell number for the device. Phone number should be in international format with the + sign leading(e.g. +661231234567)

3. password+password_old+space+password_new
Change password

4. fix+interval+s+count+n+password
Respond with position details. Count is the number of times it should do this and interval is the seconds in between samples. The interval cannot be smaller than 20 seconds. If you want continually monitor set the count to ***.(Single ping is fix030s001n123456)distance+password+space+distance

5. supress+password
Drift suppression ON. This should eliminate false movement alerts when standing still.

6. Nosupress+password
Drift suppression OFF

7. save+interval+s+count+n+password
Start recording waypoints on internal or microSD storage every interval. Usage is analogue to the fix command.

8. clear+password
To delete all saved waypoints

9. forward+password+space+phone
Any messages to the SIM phone number will be forwarded to the phone number listed.

10. noforward+password
Cancel forwarding

11. lowbattery+password+space+on/off
Alarm that internal Li-Ion battery is running low. ON/OFF

12. extpower+password+space+on/off
Alarm, that the external power has been cut. ON/OFF

13. gpssignal+password+space+on/off
GPS blindspot SMS. You will receive the last position that GPS was reachable.

14. help+space+me
Switch off SOS call that is triggered by pressing the SOS button on device (if attached)

15. stockade+password+space+latitude,longitude;latitude,longitude
Set a geofence top left, bottom right. Will be active after vehicle is stationary 3-10 min.

16. nostockade+password
Clear geofence

17. area+password+space+latitude,longitude+space+areaname,distance+M/K
Set one of five multi area settings. Geofence by lat & long + distance (i.e. radius) in Meters or Kilometers. The areaname will be included in the alert.

18. noarea+password+space+areaname
Clear a geofence area.

19. rename+password+space+old_name;new_name,distance+M/K
Rename an area or/and update radius/distance.

20. area+password+space+on/off
Activate/deactivate multi area geofence.

21. move+password+space+distance
Movement alarm. Will detect movement after stationary for 3-10min and outside of distance/radius in 4 digit meters. Will send SMS every 3min.

22. nomove+password
Cancel movement alarm

23. speed+password+space+kmh
Send SMS when speed is or exceeds the 3 digit kmh number. Will send SMS every 3min. Minimum speed is 30km/h.

24. nospeed+password
Switch off speed alarm.

25. reset+password
Reset GSM and GPS module of tracker.

26. sleep+password+space+time
Sent GPS system to sleep 5min after movement has stopped. LEDs will be off. SMS will awake the unit.

27. sleep+password+space+shock
Will enter sleep mode if no movement is detected.

28. sleep+password+space+off
Cancel any sleep mode.

29. imei+password
Will return the 15 digit imei number.

30. check+password
Will list the current status’ of the device